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Cher Lloyd for Wonderland

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Little Mix - Big Girls Don’t Cry (Judges’ Houses Audition)

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Ansel Elgort in GQ’s July Issue

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❝How could anything so deadly be so beautiful?❞

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louteasdale: It’s a lovely daaaaaaay

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Berne, Switzerland

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5SOS twins

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Watching: Switched At Birth, Pretty Little Liars and Young & Hungry.
Reading: Divergent Series and Teen Fiction.
Listening to: The X album by Ed Sheeran and 5sos' self-titled album Five Seconds of Summer.

I'm working on Camp NaNo which helps me write a novel in a month so feel free to wish me good luck. Most of the time you can find me on here but if not you can find me Here.

Perries Sluts. The X Mixers.