So I reached 1k a few weeks back and have finally decided to make my first follow forever. These blogs are my favorites as well as most of them being my close friends who’ve made my Tumblr experience that much better. These won’t be placed in order as I’m too lazy to do that.

infinileigh, pintsandtea, urbanpinnock, foreverjesy, isperrie, thirlwallrs, souhtshields,cupofnelson, perriezs, cannonwall, southshields, nelsonators, pinncock, jadsters, strawperriepie pinnosaure,jesylouisnelson,chermix,thirlsgirl, tadejhirlwall, wowlesy, jerrienation, fourmixes, thugwall, cosmicleigh, jesybitches, lerriesistible, thirlbabe, thirlwallnation, leighsnaps, adoresperrie, perriesoreos, jesus-jesy, thirlwallus, leighleee and littlemixmagic.

I’m sorry if I left anyone out and I just want to thank you for making my dash so perfect!


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    thank you so much baby i love you :*
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    ñe.Esto es helmoso:33
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    thank you ilysm bby
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    aww thank you hun ! :)
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